Celebrities and craft beer

The Today Show’s Matt Lauer chose two Boston craft brews to feature: Cisco Brewers and Clown Shoes Beer. Cisco is out of Nantucket, and Clown Shoes is out of Ipswich. Lauer and the rest of the Today Show crew were at Faneuil Hall for a special Boston-themed Today Show on Friday, Feb. 15. The boston.com beer blog “99 bottles” asked its readers whether Lauer chose the best Boston beers to promote during the cooking segment. One commenter asked why Blue Hills Brewery, based in Canton wasn’t included. Another commenter suggested that Ipswich and Nantucket don’t represent Boston. Others mentioned breweries closer to the hub such as Night Shift Brewing and Idle Hands Craft Ales, both in Everett, and Mystic Brewery in Chelsea.

For the full story on Matt Lauer’s toast to craft brews, check out the Storify below.

  1. The Boston Globe has the full story:
  2. Below, Lauer’s pictured with a Clown Shoes Tramp Stamp. This beer’s a Belgian India pale ale with a hint of orange, as the bottle’s label color suggests. Belgian IPAs are frequently full of hops, and Clown Shoes’ version doesn’t disappoint. Should we caption this, “Matt Lauer has a tramp stamp?” No? Okay, I’ll resist.
  3. Ok now this one’s big! Matt Lauer drank some Clown Shoes on the Today Show this morning!
  4. Another awesome result of the Today Show appearance. I told the owners of Clown Shoes Beer that my goal was to get Matt Lauer to drink a Tramp Stamp beer before 9am.
    Mission Accomplished! 😉
  5. Four days ago, Lauer and his family visited Vail, Colo. Crazy Mountain Brewery tweeted about the news anchor, suggesting that he promote Crazy Mountain’s craft brew.
  6. Crazy Mountain Brewery loves Matt Lauer! Drink our beer in Vail! #mattlauer #todayshow
  7. Although having a celebrity drink your beer is great promotion, as Clown Shoes made clear, some question whether having a celeb publicly seen with a craft beer brand is a good or bad thing. Is it strange to see a national star support a local business for free?
  8. Rachel Ray, Kat Dennings and Alexa Chung are all celebs who have promoted drinking craft ales.

I think it’s great that such small companies are getting national recognition because a few big names like to drink craft beer. Sure, craft beer publicized on corporate television stations could be misleading and is odd to see, but I don’t most think craft brewers have any intention of using free publicity to become the next Anheuser-Busch. Then again, who knows.


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