Spring in a bottle: Baby Tree

In the midst of winter, I found myself wanting a little bit of spring. I hunkered down for the recent nor’esater, one of the worst Boston’s seen in years, with a local spring beer.
I picked up Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project’s Baby Tree, a brew Pretty Things’ website says was the company’s first Easter beer. What’s a better way to celebrate?

Baby Tree

The label on a Baby Tree bottle / Photo by Gina Curreri

Baby Tree is a quadruple, according to its label, which I’ve learned is a Belgian style ale with bold flavors.  A quadruple such as Baby Tree has a garnet, deep brown hue. The beer has some sweetness, but it’s not overpowering. Baby Tree is rich and malty, not hoppy. Its malts consist of pils, vienna, chocolate malt and oats. Allagash Brewing makes a quad, Allagash Four, and so does Harpoon, the Harpoon Leviathan Quad.

Pretty Things Beer

Baby Tree, a belgian-style quad from Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project based in Somerville / Photo by Gina Curreri

I didn’t have a stemmed beer glass, so I used a pint glass. The beer was dark brown, but more of an auburn in the light. It was a nice refresher from the heavier winter beers that have been on tap. Fruit flavors cut through the brew mid-sip, and the finish was rich, yet not too heavy. It perfectly embodies spring, a time when fruit and life begin peeping through the heaviness of winter. The beer is extremely drinkable. For any person who dislikes bitter beers, Baby Tree is perfect. Better yet, Baby Tree and all other Pretty Things brews come in 22-ounce bottles. I bought mine at Chansky’s Market in Brighton for about $10.

I was curious as to what a baby tree really is, so I looked it up. The first thing that Google turned up was the beer. (Kudos, Pretty Things. You’ve mastered search engine optimization.) A few entries down, I found this video, from the people behind Pretty Things themselves:

The real baby tree is moderately horrifying and creepy, but I applaud Pretty Things on heading to Yorkshire to do real research on the beer’s name.

Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project is based in Somerville. The company’s most common beer on tap is Pretty Things Jack D’Or. The company is not a brewery, but the people behind it rent space and time in other people’s breweries to make their product. Pretty Things is hosted at Buzzards Bay Brewing in Westport.

On Friday, the company tweeted about the then-upcoming storm:


A tweet from Pretty Things / Screenshot taken from @PrettyBeer

I’m glad to have been a help in the beer cellar raid, guys! I’ll be back.


About Gina Curreri

A junior at Boston University studying print journalism and philosophy
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